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Or just enjoy the ride on a four-wheeled all terrain beach vehicle with the early evening wind in your hair. If you are an aspiring bird watcher, you might like to know that late afternoon is a good time to catch a glimpse of the two resident old eagles hovering above the kampong; the hornbills too. In the evening, dinner will be served when you hear the gentle knocks from an old weathered, hollowed out tree trunk, provenance unknown.

After a quiet seafood dinner and a bottle of Chardonnay, it's time to behold the night sky for the remainder of the day. On a starry,starry night, you might see the Southern Cross, an important navigational aid to ancient mariners. On another clear evening, gaze and wonder at the constellation of Orion the Hunter, banished by Zeus, the ancient Greek God of the sky, to spend eternity in the heavens.

Then before you retire for the day and with a rising tide, you can hear the rolling waves in the darkness of the beach and if they feel enchanted, the fireflies come out to play.

Life is good here.

Take a look at the where you can be relaxing and enjoying your stay!

Facilities include a personal spa, waterfall shower, mini theatre room and more!

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